the difference between yellow white and rose gold

Throughout history, every culture has used gold to symbolize power, strength, and wealth. Gold is known for its high value and the importance of its impact on world currencies. Also, it cannot be used on its own, other metals are added to make it stronger - copper, silver, nickel, and zinc. Depending on what metals are used and the percentage of their presence in gold, different shades of gold appear: white, yellow, and rose.    

In this article, we will take a closer look at the different colors of gold; along with their characteristics:

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a soft yellow precious metal that can be easily scratched; it needs to be polished regularly. Yellow gold is an alloy made by combining pure gold with metals, such as zinc, silver, and copper. This combo presents the shade of pure gold. Yellow gold is more delicate than other alloys. It can scratch easily and you may lose a little material with each polish. Time may leave a mark on it. The amount of pure gold is what gives it its value. 

A higher karat number indicates a higher percentage of gold content, but more gold also makes a ringless durable. Yellow gold lacks a protective rhodium-plating layer, which is why yellow gold gets scratches easily. 

White Gold

White gold is an alloy of gold and a combination of white metal, such as palladium, nickel, and silver. It is much more affordable than yellow gold. Proportions of the alloy determine the white gold’s strength. For instance, nickel makes it hard while palladium gives gold flexibility. White gold is also slightly stronger and more durable than yellow gold. As a result, it is less susceptible to scratching. As for its price, white gold is a little more expensive than yellow gold due to: high demand and rhodium plating.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is not found in nature, it is created by combining pure gold with copper and sometimes silver; gold is kept 75% pure. The intensity of the shades of rose gold depends on the copper content. The higher the copper content, the stronger the red coloration. It is a strong and durable metal, because of its upper component.

Overall, determining which is better is a matter of preferences and current fashion. It is always important to inspect colors carefully and consider the durability and scratch-resistant factor of each metal.  The price of yellow, white, and rose gold rings varies according to carat content. Therefore, the difference between them is based purely on personal taste.  Gold still and will always, regardless of its color, occupy an important place in our culture and society.